Scissors, … are you cutting or shearing?


ollók 1

As you can see in the picture, you will need more than one pair of scissors. 🙂

Of course, at first you will manage with fewer pairs: I don’t think you’ll need to invest that much at the very beginning.

But if sewing turns out to be more than just a fad for you, you might want to think about the following things.

Both big orange pairs of scissors are tailor scissors. The difference is that I use the bigger one just and exclusively to cut fabric!

The golden rule that you must always follow is that never use your fabric scissors to cut paper or oilcloth!!!

This will dull your scissors and you will see that they will not cut your fabric easily jut shear it.

At first, you will notice it on thin fabrics, for example you will have difficulties when tailoring muslin curtains.

Later, you will have problems even with cutting corduroy.

The small scissors are practical when you need to cut only the thread ends. This is not a mandatory tool. It depends what you find practical.

The tiny little red tool in the bottom right corner of the picture is the buttonhole opener/seam ripper.

fércbontó / gomblyukvágó

The official name is buttonhole opener but in practice it is most frequently used to rip unnecessary seams from the fabric.

It is very sharp. It can easily slip under your nails, which hurts a lot. Be very careful with it.

The black scissors are a special decorative tool.

cikk-cakk olló

You can see the teeth: they have zig-zag blades. They are perfect for cutting thicker fabrics such as felt fabric.

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